Fairs 2023

January 21-25, 2023
Pavilion D6
Stand 10

About Prim Italia

Design and production Breadsticks machines

PRIM ITALIA, firm specialized in planning and production of industrial machines for breadsticks, pizzas and similar products, was established in 1980.

Promoting partners have a strong over 40 year-old experience in industrial bread production, begun with the company "Grissinatrice Rinaldo Rossi" which, in the 50's was the only firm with a breadstick production area and a workshop for breadstick machines production...

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Sipan Associated


Our breadsticks machines are entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.

Breadsticks machines

Some of Prim Italia breadsticks machines: breadsticks machines without pans; breadsticks machines mod. ARTIGIANALE, mod. ARTIGIANA C.L. and mod. SEMI-INDUSTRIALE which produce breadsticks and other products of geometrical shape; breastick machine mod. SESAMO, exclusively studied to cover the breadsticks with sesame (compeletely in stainless steel); breadsticks machine mod. INDUSTRIALE 2 L.F., a group of machines belonging to the new generation which can be controlled by microprocessor units; mod. SUPERINDUSTRIALE P.T.R. 2 L.F., group of machines invented for the big production of breadsticks; pans, which are suitable to cook most common breadsticks. Breaking/stretching machines; automaric sheeters.

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Pizza machines

Our Pizza machines were invented to produce round, rectangular, square triangular and any other shape from a strip of dough. These shapes may be placed straight onto the pan, or on other conveyor belts.

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Breadsticks Machine

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